Commercial Valuations

We have been appraising industrial, commercial, & investment (IC&I) properties throughout Manitoba and Northwest Ontario for decades. You can be confident in our ability to evaluate your property quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Our team has years of experience and has the expertise to appraise accurately and fairly on retail, office, revenue and industrial properties.

Our process is thorough and goes beyond simple comparables. We take many factors into consideration when preparing a commercial appraisal including rental studies, cap rate studies as well as retail, office and industrial trends that all can influence value. Commercial appraisals are a necessary step whether you are exploring financing, selling, buying, building or renovating.

We have experience in all types of commercial appraisals including (but not limited to) apartments, industrial, parking lots, strip malls, offices, retail malls, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, campgrounds, funeral homes, subdivisions, golf courses, hunting/fishing lodges, trailer parks, churches, schools, auto body/mechanic shops, auto dealerships, clinics & professional buildings.

Commercial Appraisals

  • Years of experience in industrial, commercial and investment (IC&I) properties
  • Always thorough with our process
  • Fair, accurate and timely
  • Familiar with external resources to appraise more accurately
  • Experience in all types of commercial appraisals